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Technology that Makes Clients Smile

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There are certain technological innovations which make me smile: sliced bread, air conditioning, remote control mini helicopters, etc. And one of the biggest smile-causing technological modernizations for me is in multi-bladed razors.

Have you ever tried to shave with a one-or-two-bladed razor blade? It’s terrible. I have this bag of generic travel razors I bought once to save a little bit of money, and shaving with one of them feels like I’m shaving with the edge of a rusty spoon. I’m always left afterward, hacked to pieces, feeling like I’ve been dragged face-first along a chain link fence.

Thank heavens for the manly, 5-bladed razor I have now. It puts those flimsy travel razors in their places, and always leaves me grinning afterwards. It’s like shaving with a velvet sheet. Your skin doesn’t even know it’s been touched.

Improvements in technology are what drive a good business. A modern business knows what its client base needs, and makes it. In the collections industry, the most important thing is the bottom line, which means improving the rate of collection. And what’s the fastest and most efficient way to bring that bottom line up?

Bring in the 5-bladed razor.

Which, in this case, is our predictive dialer. Tailored specifically for the collections industry, our hosted predictive dialers make collections dialing over 300 percent more effective.

Our smart automatic dialers are the brainchild of over two decades of work in the collections industry, and the increase in productivity over manual dialing will up the collections rate of any collections company.

Customer service reps are always ready to answer questions, and information about the technologically innovative hosted predictive dialer can be found at

Remember, for your business to improve its collections rate and become profitable, the best way is to invest in that 5-bladed razor. It will cut through the competition and uncollected debt with its technological swiftness.

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