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Are policies and procedures holding back your performance?

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This is a guest blog post from CXM.

The other day I found myself standing in an irritating…no, no that’s not the word…aggravating…no…how can I best describe it…stupid! Yes, that is it, stupid! The other day I found myself standing in a stupid security checkpoint at a large international airport. The line was progressing at a snail’s pace. It was as though the TSA screeners had a wager to see how slow they could process the line of dumbfounded travelers.  After viewing them for 20 to 30 minutes, it was clear there was a breakdown in this group’s policies and procedures.

My job requires me to travel a fair amount. While many complain about the “pains” of air travel, I have come to enjoy it, and I appreciate the hard work done by thousands of pilots, air attendants, TSA workers and many others behind the scenes.

In this instance though, there was no love lost between me and this airport. The issue at hand was not due to understaffing; they had plenty of agents reviewing driver licenses and boarding passes, plenty of agents reviewing bags via the x-ray machines.  This was not a case of elderly travelers slowing down a line. This was a complete breakdown in procedure.

For the air travelers reading this, you are aware that you need to place your personal belongings into the bin and place it on the x-ray machine. Well, what if there is no bin? Uh-oh. Although this airport was well staffed, they were under equipped with bins and more importantly, the bins were not quickly or efficiently being brought back for reuse.  A minor breakdown in procedure resulted in a 45 minute pile up…and there were only 30 people in line!

How do you know whether or not there is a breakdown in your policies and procedures? Is your long average hold time a result of poor call handling or lack of agent training? Are your challenges the result of customer disputes or your lack of attention to policy and procedure adherence?

Call Recording and Quality Monitoring is often thought of as a tool to increase customer satisfaction. However, customer satisfaction is simply the end result of a successful monitoring tool and program that gives you visibility to policy and procedure adherence. With this visibility, you can optimize your agent training and awareness of call center deficiencies. The one thing I have learned: limit mistakes and customer satisfaction will follow.

So what is your “missing bin” situation?  Through stepping back and reviewing your customer interactions, quality monitoring makes it easy to identify key improvements that will keep your agents running smooth and your customers happy.

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This article was written by Justin