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I am not a historian, but I wish I had paid more attention in my history classes. Since high school, I have gained a greater appreciation for history and how past events dramatically impact our world today.

In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution in Western Europe and North America led to the proliferation of manufacturing and invention. One example is the Ford Model T automobile assembly line. The development of the “assembly line” cannot be attributed to a single individual, but Henry Ford utilized this concept to maximize his productivity.

Charles E. Sorensen, in his memoir My Forty Years with Ford, stated: “What was worked out at Ford was the practice of (1) moving work from one worker to another until it became a complete unit, (2) then arranging the flow of these units at the right time and the right place to (3) a moving final assembly line from which came a finished product.”

As a result of this tremendous efficiency, Ford cars came off the line in three minute intervals. Production increased by a ratio of 8:1, while using less manpower and reducing costs. Decreased costs of production allowed the cost of a Model T to drop within the budget of the American middle class. In 1908 the cost of a Model T was $825; by 1912, it had dropped to around $575. This assembly line concept was a major factor in the explosion of the automobile in American society.

The collection industry is fortunate to have technology available that enables agencies to automate their procedures, reduce manpower, and reduce costs of operation without sacrificing customer service.

IAT SmartDial’s set of dialing tools include: predictive dialing, IVR messaging, automated call campaign building and call list chaining (list groups), integrated call blending, unattended payment processing and more.

All IAT’s features enable agencies to automate their collections strategies to (1) effectively move accounts from one stage of collections to another,(2) arrange the flow of these accounts at the right time and the right place to (3) form a moving assembly line from which accounts become a finished collected debt.

Call IAT SmartDial and let us help you automate your “assembly line” for greater productivity.  We will turn the keys over to you and help you build a better driving machine.


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This article was written by David E