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It’s Party Time!

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Have you ever been invited to a “party?” You know, the kind of party where they want you to come, listen to a sales pitch and spend money on a product you didn’t know you needed? Some of these “parties” call themselves pamper sessions, but they make you do the work.  There are literally hundreds of products you can buy from a party—even groceries.

If you have attended a party, chances are you have thrown one as well.  Some well-meaning sales person promises you’ll get tons of free products by inviting “a few” of your friends over to listen to a sales pitch and eat cookies and punch. Easy enough, right?

Finding people who will attend is where life gets tough. The idea is to invite as many people as possible to get as many attendees at your party; remember, the more people come and the more they spend the more free product you get.

On average, if you send out 40 invites, only 4 people will show.  Personal invites on the phone and face-to-face yield about 10 people. But people are sick of going to the same party over and over again. The market is just saturated with parties of all kinds. Everyone knows someone who sells something. You may even have several friends who sell the same thing and everyone asks you to host a party as a favor to them. It ends up your friends start avoiding your calls and making fake schedules to avoid your party date.

Debtors are the same as potential party guests. You are probably not the only person trying to call them to collect a debt. They know the phone numbers to avoid and the times you call. They know, in essence, what your “invitation” looks like. So, what are the tricks to getting the most right party contacts? They are the same for getting more people at the party.

  • Make it about them. Leave messages offering assistance; remind them of the debt. Don’t go right into the “you owe me” speech.
  • Change the number you call. Try contacting all the phone numbers you have for them.
  • Change your message. Alternate between male/female voices and people being recorded. Try different messages, different people, something that makes this call seem different.
  • Display a different Caller ID. Take away the obvious “collection call” appearance by periodically changing the Caller ID displayed. Make sure you own the phone number displayed and that dialing the number will take the debtor to an agent.
  • Try calling at different times of the day. Catch the debtor off guard by calling earlier or later than usual.
  • Answer the phone as a friend. Instead of answering the phone “may I speak with Mr….Rude…um…I mean Mr. Rudd, please,” try answering the phone “Hi Dave, how are you today?” If you happen to reach Dave right away, he’ll think he knows you. If someone else answers, they are going to hand the phone to Dave and say “hey your friend ‘Mike’ is on the phone.”  This also eliminates a lot of right party contacts telling you they are someone else. (“You can’t even pronounce my name right, what makes you think I am going to talk to you?”)

Getting enough people to come to your party can sometimes be difficult; so can getting right party contacts on the phone with your agents.  With enough hard work, every party and collection call can be a success. Now, who wants to come to my party?



This article was written by Melissa