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Keep Smiling!

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Recently, I’ve been reflecting upon some of the life lessons I’ve learned. I thought I would share a few with you.

Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t blame others. You can determine your own success and happiness. Don’t allow others to control your life. Own it and do it!

Failure teaches more than success. I never plan to fail, and I certainly don’t enjoy it when it happens. However, I try to use failure and mistakes as learning experiences. What can I change to avoid making this same mistake in the future?

Take risks. Without risk taking—calculated and analyzed risks—you will never move outside of your current comfort zone. Risks are scary by nature, but they are exhilarating and extremely rewarding.

Be positive. For some reason, it is easier to be negative than positive.  Make the concentrated effort to be positive. With practice maintaining a positive attitude will become easier. Being negative doesn’t give you an energy boost. Choose to be positive and associate with positive people! As this skill is mastered, your life will improve.

Goals. They may drive me forward, but goals aren’t really what are important. It’s what I learn while striving for a goal that makes me happy, provides growth and pushes me towards success.

Enjoy the moment. I’m still working on this skill, BUT I wish I would’ve fully embraced the concept years ago. Life moves along too quickly. Today is gone, and before I know it, tomorrow rockets by as well. The future brings its own unforeseen challenges, so slow down slightly, relax and enjoy today. This is especially true when interacting with family and friends.Hüpfburgen

Serve. Instead of sitting around and watching others do the work, be actively and generously involved in your family, work, community, religion, charities and even politics. Service breeds happiness and success.

Have fun working. My grandfather, a highly successful entrepreneur and small business owner, used to say “Anyone who regards work as a pleasure can have a heck of a lot of fun in this institution.”Work hard, but make it fun!

Laugh! Laughter magically smoothes the rough patches and brightens your day.

Remember Rule #6:  Don’t take yourself too seriously. The most famous and adhered to Rudd Family Rule is rule “#6: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously.”  Laugh at your mistakes. Don’t think you are so important that you can’t help with the so-called mundane daily tasks of life. (FYI, there are actually no other Rudd Family Rules!)

What life lessons have you learned? Please share them with me. I look forward to learning from you.


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This article was written by Dave R