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Yes, IAT is in the cloud.

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The term “cloud computing” gets kicked around all the time with little explanation. Out of curiosity, I went looking for a reasonable, concise definition of what “cloud computing” really means. One of the great purveyors of knowledge (via the cloud),, explains it this way:

“At its most basic level, cloud computing is
Robes de mariée a-line a model for remote computer access. The idea is simple: You use your computer and an internet connection to make contact with a remote server. This server, which is really just a computer, runs applications using its hardware. You”re able to influence the application by executing commands through a Web browser or other user interface. But the remote server is doing all the heavy lifting.”

That explanation seems straightforward enough: You get a computer, plug it into the RJ45 connector in the wall and voilà, you’re part of the cloud, ready to run the most demanding applications.

IAT joined the “cloud” with our CT Impact Hosted Dialing Service in best online casino 2004. This service allows our customers to accomplish their contacting goals without an initial capital investment in dialing technology. CT Impact includes true predictive dialing that will keep your agents busy talking with debtors, while the system works in the background to detect and leave messages on answering machines. When your agent is finished with the current call another live contact is already on the way, due to IAT’s best in the industry predictive algorithms.
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In addition, CT Impact’s predictive dialing technology allows your agents to sign-in using five different dialing modes—Predictive, Preview, Power, Passive and Dial Request—so they can choose the mode that best suits the current situation.

As your needs changes, your operation grows and your dialing requirements change, IAT offers a site-premised system to which your agents and management team can seamlessly transition without further training.

When it comes to true predictive dialing capabilities, IAT’s CT Impact gives you the features you need straight from the cloud.


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