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Coast to Coast Mapping

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One of my fondest childhood memories was a family vacation in June of 1969. We traveled from our California home to the east coast—by car.

I will never forget the unbearable heat of Arizona, the interminable width of Texas, and the fascinating tour of New Orleans on our way to beautiful Florida to visit family. The journey’s next leg was a drive up the coastal states and was highlighted by visits to the capitol building in Washington DC and a Broadway musical in New York City.  The return trip west was carefully planned to include a few days in Iowa visiting with extended family on their farm before driving to Salt Lake City to visit friends, and then home to California.

Five weeks on the road with six people in one station wagon—a great success because of careful planning and the constant use of maps to make sure we ended up where we thought we were headed.  As a young teenager, I enjoyed finding our planned destination for the day’s drive and tracking our progress on the paper map.

Routing is the map within your dialer system

Collecting outstanding debt is your business, and your automated dialing system is a significant part of that business.  As your dialer initiates hundreds, even thousands of phone calls every day, it makes sense to be sure each answered call is mapped to the right agent with the right expertise. Setting up an effective routing scheme works in coordination with your lists and agents.

A few of the criteria that can qualify accounts to be directed to the right agents are:

  • High or low balance
  • Language
  • Geographic location
  • Number of days past due
  • Client

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  To set up or modify your routing plan, contact a customer representative at IAT.  Whether dialing in the east, the west, or coast to coast, routing is the road map to direct your accounts to the right collectors.


This article was written by Vic