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That’s what she said!!

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Have you ever played the game “telephone” (also known as Chinese whispers) where you whisper something into someone’s ear, and they whisper it into another person’s ear and so on? The last person repeats what they were told. Rarely, if ever, is the final message even remotely close to the original message.

My guess is gossip starts this way as well. It begins with one small piece of factual information, but as it is told and retold, the story seems to get more and more scandalous and inaccurate.

Does gossip ever get started about agents in your collections environment? Do debtors ever say your agents were unprofessional, rude, lied, etc…? I am sure that they believe “their version” of what was said. I am also sure that when they are repeating it to you—or worse, an attorney—somehow the story grows bigger. What if there was a way to know exactly what was said by both your agent and the debtor?

Record every call you choose. Many CT Center (site-premised) users do not realize IAT has a call recording product—CTR Lite—a slimmed-down version of enterprise call recording systems. CTR Lite gives you the ability to record the agent calls made on the dialer.

Managers can control which calls/agents are recorded and when. Calls can be recorded automatically or on demand using the agent toolbar controls (if you give agents that ability).  This allows you to set up the call recording exactly the way you want.

There are several big benefits to recording agent calls, the first being peace of mind – knowing you have a recording should the need arise in a legal challenge.

In addition, these recordings can provide you a useful training tool. You can listen to and rate/score your agents’ previous calls. With this information, you can then give extra coaching to agents who may be struggling. You can even let them listen to the calls of your top agents, which will help give them ideas for improvement. Who doesn’t want to duplicate or clone their best agents? Listening to both good and bad calls could be a valuable tool for training new agents.

In this day of frequent litigation, can you afford not to be taking advantage of call recording? IAT can also assist you with options for full enterprise call recording systems, should you need to record calls not made on the dialer. One call to your IAT sales representative can provide you with information on your options.


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