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Eat your “dialer” vegetables

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Confession: I hate vegetables.

When I was much younger, the only vegetable I liked, and typically ate, was corn.

Years (and years) later, my non-vegetable-eating self met up with a friend who insisted I eat my vegetables. I’m not sure how he convinced me to do it, but I actually started eating vegetables.

You would think the story ended “and I decided I liked green eggs and ham” or something like that. Truthfully, that’s not what happened. After eating lots of vegetables I decided I actually like some of them—but not many. Take raw carrots. Generally speaking, I hate raw carrots. And green beans. Or celery…yuck.

I continue to eat lots of vitamin-rich veggies nearly every day. Not because I like them, but because I know they are good for me and keep me healthy.

It’s not always “fun,” but learning about your dialer system is just as crucial to your dialer health as carrots are for your physical health.

I’ve talked to many very successful IAT customers. One common priority was dialer training and education. For example, one fairly new site-premised Spiller du ideelt i blackjack online , er det faktisk ikke usannsynlig at du far en tilbakebetalingsprosent pa rundt 98, og kanskje enda mer. CT Center customer took every opportunity to learn about the dialer. Conferences, manuals, webinar trainings and even questions to support—in a short period of time he had already learned so much about the system and how to make it the most effective and casino online profitable for his company that you’d never expect he was a new customer. And he still felt there was more to be learned.

IAT provides many different education opportunities after your initial training. For instance, in October, we’ll be holding our third National Training Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This is where CT Center customers need to be! We’ll teach you what you need to know to keep your dialer knowledge healthy, productive and up-to-date.

It might not always be as exciting as a bag full of Halloween candy or as tasty as a giant, gourmet cookie, but dialer training is good for you. Oh and by the way, remember my friend who made me eat the vegetables? Turns out he hated eating fruit. Who hates fruit? Rest assured, I made him eat it.


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This article was written by Kendra