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The Grass is Greener with Automation

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My first year as a homeowner, I manually watered my lawn.  Early in the morning, I would attach one of those rainbow arch oscillating sprinklers to a hose and set it in the back corner of my lawn.  Then I moved it about four feet every twenty minutes. All.  Day.  Long.  I repeated it every other day. It was a waste of my time and a pain in the neck. I felt like tearing my hair out when I still ended up with dry patches in the lawn. No matter what I tried, my water coverage was incomplete and my results mediocre at best.

After that first summer, I knew there had to be a better way. The only solution was to go with a completely automatic sprinkler system. By installing the system, I was able to choose the time of day to water, dictate the duration each zone was watered and seamlessly move from zone to zone.  My results improved dramatically. The admiration I received from neighbors wasn’t bad either.

Believe it or not, techniques for success in the collections industry aren’t so different from my lawn experience. Debt collection success equates to higher productivity, greater efficiency and ultimately increasing the amount collected. Such high standards cannot be achieved using manual dialing. Better technology yields better results. IAT SmartDial Solutions has the automated technology to improve agent productivity by 300%.

The automated features of IAT’s products provide

  • Increased agent talk time.
  • Seamless transitions between calls.
  • Strategies for dealing with busy or no-answer signals.
  • Options for the debtor to make automated payments by phone.
  • Scheduled call-back attempts.
  • Pre-determined daily reports.

All of these features work together to bring you better, more consistent results and ultimately higher collection rates. Automation is the only way to eliminate the brown spots in productivity and achieve your company’s potential. And the increased business you will receive isn’t bad either.


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