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Telephones and Dialers—they’ve come a long way.

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Do you remember when a telephone did basically one thing—allow you to talk to someone? It’s almost hard to believe that is all they did. Now telephones can dial pre-stored phone numbers, record messages, show caller ID information, send and receive text messages, play music, browse the internet, access e-mails, remind us of appointments, video chat, and probably 10 other tasks I never thought possible. A telephone is no longer just a telephone; it is a communicator, appointment scheduler and entertainment device.

Do you remember when an automated dialer did just one thing—dial phone numbers? It’s almost hard to believe that is all they did. Now a dialer can dial an almost unlimited number of phone calls simultaneously; detect answers, no answers, answering machines, disconnected numbers, and voice mail machines; and route answered calls to any given number of skills-based conditions.

Dialers can transfer calls to almost any location in the world. They can record calls with relevant agent data for training and compliance purposes. Dialers can answer calls and route them to predetermined best online casino destinations by language, origination, number dialed and condition of account (balance, client, status, account scoring, etc.). Dialers can dial in different modes: predictive, power, preview, passive and manual.

Dialers can schedule calls at pre-defined times. Calling campaigns can be scheduled and linked together for higher productivity. Dialers can display different caller IDs to called parties Nortek”s patented custom built servo writers were designed and built to insure greater accuracy than other commercially available units, they provide a distinct success rate advantage over our competitors during complex recovery operations. to reduce the “I know who’s calling” syndrome.

Control for number of attempts per account/number is also available, so accounts with a low probability of collecting are not wasting your collectors’ and dialer’s time. (It has been said “We’re in a results-based industry, not an attempts-based industry.” Dialing and contacting strategies by campaign need to be planned to produce the best possible outcome.)

Dialers can leave pre-defined and pre-recorded messages to improve account call backs. Dialers can be site-premised, hosted or a hybrid combination for the best of both worlds.

Are you taking advantage of all of these wonderful new features? It can often require someone very skilled who is willing to specialize and make sure you are being as productive as possible with your dialer. If you have questions on how to get started, or to take advantage of more features, contact IAT; they’ll be glad to help.


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