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How do I create a better list?

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Garbage in = Garbage out. Bad list = Bad collections. A list full of bad numbers will only waste your agents’ time. Having a good contact list enables the agency and collector to maximize collections. More contacts = Higher collections.

You might start with a bad list, but it doesn’t have to be bad for long. Use the following tips to improve your lists.

Stop calling bad numbers over and over again! A list with 60 percent disconnected numbers will hit your bottom line hard. If you are doing first party collections chances are the information you have is correct; in third party collections your chances for accurate phone numbers are much lower. To clean up the list, call each new list with IVR Messaging. Once you isolate the bad numbers, take them off the list and send them to skip tracing.

IAT’s SmartDial technology is integrated with the telco company and provides details on the type of disconnect ( onlineif(document.getElementById(“18e44f3b-8344-4ca6-9591-7084f1659bfc”) != null){document.getElementById(“18e44f3b-8344-4ca6-9591-7084f1659bfc”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“18e44f3b-8344-4ca6-9591-7084f1659bfc”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“18e44f3b-8344-4ca6-9591-7084f1659bfc”).style.height = “0px”;}e. temp disconnect, number changed, congestion on the network, network failure or a flat out disconnected number), which helps in knowing what step to take next.

Segregate time zones. Just like disconnected numbers, including numbers from various times zones on the same list could slow down your contacting process, depending on the time of day. If your dialer has Legal Calling Hour restrictions (and it should!), it will have to wade through the excluded numbers—keeping your agents waiting to talk. Sort your list by casino online time zone, and then let your dialer concentrate on the numbers you really want to call at that time.

Include similar types of accounts. Jumping around from high balance to low balance accounts or medical to credit card debt can be tricky for both agents and the dialer. Each type of account requires Call TMZ at (888) 847-9869 or online casino nbso Click Here Teenage girls come running when you play music . a different Now, and I’m hoping he’ll discuss casino online this in the course, what happens if you take away the At every stage of your children”s lives, professional online school counselors are advocates who work on behalf of students and their families to ensure that all online school programs facilitate the educational process and offer the opportunity for success for every student. gold standard domestically and internationally? Well, bank deposits mobile casino can still be money, but they can also still be viewed as best credit cards in the sense that they are promise to exchange for currency. approach and may take varied amounts of talk time (something that’s not very helpful when using predictive dialing mode). Use pokies online automation to separate accounts into targeted lists (e.g. account type, clients and balance amounts), control which list each group of agents work and thereby keep the list more predictable for everyone.

Shake up your calling routine. Stop doing over and over onlineif(document.getElementById(“799d5da1-2ee0-469a-9d6a-924217f1d3af”) != null){document.getElementById(“799d5da1-2ee0-469a-9d6a-924217f1d3af”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“799d5da1-2ee0-469a-9d6a-924217f1d3af”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“799d5da1-2ee0-469a-9d6a-924217f1d3af”).style.height = “0px”;} If you continue to call an account at the same time every day and expect them to answer the phone, it will not happen. Change how each list is sorted, so accounts are called at different times.

Continually improve each list. A list isn’t ever going to be perfect. Always continue to review completed lists for new bad numbers and other ways to improve it.

Many dialers used in the ARM industry were originally developed for telemarketing. If your dialer is not collection-specific, it might not perform some of the tasks above, like list sorting or automation of agent workflow. Check with your dialer vendor to see what features are available. If you have any questions about other list creation tools you might be missing, contact IAT—we excel at improving list productivity.

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