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Keep it Positive

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I was fortunate to play baseball growing up and then in college. I played better and with more enthusiasm for positive, encouraging coaches than I did for those that took a negative or threatening approach. Positive reinforcement instilled greater self-confidence and a desire to play my best. I think collectors respond in a similar way.

IAT’s predictive dialer has several built-in tools to monitor collectors’ calls and activity on the dialer, including

1)    Monitoring: Listen to the agent’s conversation with the debtor without the agent and debtor knowing. Supervisors will have greater assurance that FDCPA and TCPA procedures are followed.

2)    Coaching: Speak into the headset of the agent and make suggestions during the talk-off without the debtor hearing your comments. This is extremely valuable when training new agents.

3)    Conferencing: Hold a three-way conversation with you, the agent, and the debtor. This capability is helpful in situations that require supervisor intervention.

Monitoring could be used as a tool to make agents feel they are under constant surveillance, but by taking a positive approach, call monitoring enables agents to become better collectors with fewer errors and higher recovery percentages.


This article was written by David E