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The All-Star Manager

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Ever since I can remember, I have loved the game of baseball. The tangy odor of freshly mowed outfield grass, the musty hosed-down infield dirt, and the excitement of batter and base runners against pitcher and fielders are among my favorite things. The frequent trips to Candlestick Park to watch my heroes—Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal, Orlando Cepeda and Willie Mays—stand out vividly in my mind.

There was always one person in the dugout, Alvin Dark, who got a lot of attention, but never really seemed to do much. He was the manager, but he was not my hero. It was not until much later in life that I understood the manager’s important role in baseball. Individual performance was important, but the manager meshed those performances into the team effort essential for winning baseball games.

Collection managers pull together winning performances, too. In a collection agency, the manager can use the strengths of each employee to benefit the entire team. In IAT’s predictive dialer, managers can use the “Assign” button in Manager Center to direct an agent or team to work specific lists; put an agent on break; and set agent type, dial type, and dial mode among other options. Your agents have unique skills that make them good at what they do. As their manager, you have the tools to channel those skills and make your team the best it can be.

The manager can give the agent as much or as little control over these options as is necessary. By setting the options in the “Changeable” column, the ability for the agent to change their own settings can be set to “Yes,” “No,” or left at the default. In addition, the manager can select CTC Messaging options for each agent to make certain they have access to the people who can help them succeed.

As you become familiar with the individual strengths of your agents, you can focus those agents on the lists and account types they are best prepared to handle. With the right agent lineup and managerial abilities, you will be able to produce a winning team.


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