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Profitable Personalities

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Have you seen the movie called “The Nutty Professor II?”  It’s okay if you haven’t; it’s not that great of a movie. What is sort of amazing about it is that one actor, namely Eddie Murphy, played eight characters—Sherman Klump and his alter ego Buddy Love, Papa Klump, Young Papa Klump, Mama Klump, Granny Klump, Ernie Klump and Lance Perkins.

One man playing several roles is much like a fully blended dialer system.  A receptionist, a payment collector, an announcer, an appointment reminder—IAT’s dialer can play all these roles simultaneously. A fully blended dialer can be taking inbound calls while making outbound calls, routing calls to agents or answering machines, leaving voicemail messages on customers’ phones, and accepting payments.

I admit that it may not be fair to compare fully blended systems with Eddie Murphy because they may not be as entertaining; however, blended dialers are exciting for at least four reasons:

  1. Better productivity: Your company doesn’t have to be concerned about over or understaffing during certain times of the day. During peak inbound times, the dialer can answer incoming calls and route them appropriately to either live agents or to the company’s voice mail system and even take payments over the phone. During low inbound times, the dialer can increase the volume of outbound calls thus keeping the agents productive.
  2. Physical resource reduction: One of the major expenses for call center and collection agencies is the installation and use of physical resources like trunks and phone lines. A blended system can help reduce this cost by sharing resources between different services. For example, in a non-blended dialer system, when the inbound call volume gets low, the “inbound resources” sit idle; but in a fully blended environment those inbound resources are automatically allocated to outbound service. By being able to switch around your dialing resources, you don’t need as many overall.
  3. Payroll overhead reductions: The fully blended system can be used to handle both the inbound and outbound calls. Depending on your current business model, this may allow your company to save money by consolidating inbound/outbound agent responsibilities.
  4. Improved business monitoring: Another benefit of a blended dialer is system efficiency reports, which you can analyze to figure out staffing and physical resource needs.

Can you imagine how much money in royalties the makers of The Nutty Professor II must have saved by casting one person to play several roles? IAT’s fully blended dialer can also save your company some significant money on payroll and physical resources, while increasing your productivity.


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This article was written by Irfan Quraishi