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Are you being heard?

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With regulations dictating almost every aspect of the collections process, it’s important to support the industry associations working to keep those regulations reasonable and beneficial for our industry.

I recently wrote a blog post on DialerFan highlighting ACA International’s contributions to the industry; I could have written about NARCA or DBA International with as much enthusiasm. These associations truly help educate our members and fight for the industry’s right to collect (and even exist!).

I believe a perfect storm is brewing within this industry, forming from an intense emphasis on Consumer Protectionism by politicians and attorneys. It will take all of our help to protect the industry and ride out the storm threatening our livelihood and consequently the nation’s economy.

If you choose to become involved, you CAN have an effect on industry regulations and political change.

Are you an active member of a trade association? If our only contributions to ACA, NARCA or DBA International are annual membership dues, how strong will these vital associations and our industry actually be? Not very strong!

We need more than just representatives of trade associations talking to politicians—regular members need to express their opinions, too! And sometimes the best learning comes from discussing your needs and concerns with other association members at conferences and trainings.

What you can do to support trade associations. If you are a member of an industry association, it is your duty to actively participate. You don’t need to do it all. Select the activities that best fit your abilities and schedule, which could include

  • Contributing to state chapter events and efforts
  • Fighting for positive regulatory changes on the state level
  • Attending conferences and webinars
  • Volunteering to be on an association committee
  • Participating in Washington D.C. fly-ins
  • Donating cash to support government issues

I enjoy meeting face-to-face with politicians, so I’ve chosen to participate in ACA’s Washington D.C. fly-in for the second time this September. I also love attending the trade association meetings. Which activities jump out at you? Choose your favorite and start today. I’m fighting for the industry…What are you doing to help?



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This article was written by Dave R