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Cell Scrub … Don’t miss anything.

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The title of my post is very true. If you don’t effectively scrub lists for cell phone numbers, look out! Your business dialing could quickly come to a screeching halt from the resulting legal trouble.

  • How will you know if a debtor ported their landline number to a wireless one?
  • How will you know if you need to ask for consent before calling the number with a dialer?

Cell phone scrubbing is key to your collection agency’s continuity when using a dialer. How do you know if your vendor is effective and really excluding ALL the cell phone numbers? Here are a few questions to ask potential (and current) vendors:

  • How many lists do you use to identify cell phone numbers? (It should be two. One will check if the number originated as a cell phone number, and one will determine if the number was ported from a landline to a cell phone.)
  • How frequently do you update your lists? Is the process automated? (TCPA Regulations stipulate that list data must be updated at least every 30 days.)
  • Can the scrubbing process be automated?
  • Does the cell phone module integrate with my dialer?
  • Do you provide reports I can use to follow up on excluded numbers?
  • Do you provide a simple way for me to list/flag the cell phone numbers I’ve received consent to contact with a dialer?

IAT SmartDial’s cell phone scrubbing feature effectively excludes cell phone numbers. We use lists provided by official government agencies and regularly update them. Scrubbing technology is integrated with our dialing, so it excludes numbers as it works through the accounts. Reports of excluded numbers are available in our site-premised system, so you can follow up with them. IAT provides a way to list cell phone numbers that are okay to contact with the dialer, as well as a list for non-cell phone Do Not Call numbers.

Make sure to contact your legal counsel for advice before deciding on a cell phone scrubbing vendor or strategy. In the mean time, contact IAT to answer your questions on available cell phone scrubbing features.

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