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Feel the Power of Dial Ahead

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IAT has been creating, designing, and improving predictive dialing systems for 26-plus years. Our company is constantly looking for ways, both big and small, to improve the efficiency of IAT’s dialing products. This constant search for better ways of doing things helps users improve the efficiency of their agents and their business. In many instances improving
achatdoudounepascher efficiencies are the most cost-effective way to improve an agency’s bottom-line.

Predictive dialers allow the agent to use the dialer in a variety of dialing modes, including Predictive, Preview, Power or Passive. Each mode allows the dialer to work in a way that helps the agent work assigned accounts in the most efficient manner. For example, if the desire is for agents to make the most right-party contacts possible, and you want to keep them consistently talking to those contacts, IAT’s predictive dialing mode would be the dialing method to use.

Another scenario allows the agent to decide on a number by number basis whether or not the number is dialed. Our Dovrai semplicemente aprire un Conto Gioco

e scegliere il Bonus Benvenuto slotmachineitaliane.net . Preview mode allows this by giving the agent the ability to view the next number, and its associated information, in the campaign, and determine if the number is dialed.

An agent logged in as the online casino Passive mode makes the agent readily available to take any call that may happen to be put on hold while allowing the agent to accomplish other tasks
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IAT recently introduced a new feature that is used when the agent is logged into the dialer in the Power mode. This feature, called Dial-Ahead, allows the agent to determine when the dialer will begin dialing the next number in the campaign. In a traditional setting, a Power dialing agent must complete the current call before the dialer will attempt dialing the next number. Using Dial-Ahead the agent has the flexibility to tell the dialer to “dial-ahead” when they are about to complete the current call. In most instances https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-naturel/ this will reduce the wait time before the next connection is made.

Go ahead – improve efficiency by feeling the Power of IAT’s Dial-Ahead feature. For more efficiency-improving features, contact IAT.


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