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Mind blowing features

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Recently I sat in on an IAT hosted services (cloud dialing) demonstration. The collection agency owner on the phone was relatively new to dialing technology. About a year before, the agency’s account volume demanded more dialing power than her agents could manage with even the quickest dialing fingers, and so she opted to begin using a non-IAT hosted predictive dialing service. In spite of the automated dialing system taking much of the workload off her shoulders, it still felt like the situation had merely been band-aided.

As the sales rep showed her the features and capabilities of CT Impact, IAT’s hosted cloud-based dialing service, the agency owner’s mind was blown over and over seeing everything IAT incorporated into their product to make her job easier. She remarked the difference between her current provider and what IAT offered was “night and day.” IAT had thought of everything already.

CTC Messaging for delivering quick messages, answering questions and giving advice. For example, this owner’s feature wish list included an instant messaging system for delivering quick messages, answers to questions or advice to her collectors. She planned to have her IT department create a program for sending work related instant messages. When she heard IAT already had CTC Messaging built into the dialer, she was astounded. Not only did IAT offer the feature she wanted, but it also gave managers control over who agents can message (each other, supervisors, no one, etc.), as well as establish a format for the possible replies—free form message, no response, or a list of pre-determined responses.

Agent activity data for monitoring and reporting. Another mind-blowing feature for the agency owner was agent activity data, which she found beneficial for its real-time monitoring and reporting.

  • Real-time monitoring: Agent activity screens allow managers to monitor agents’ current contacting status as a whole, in teams or individually. Graphical viewing options make it easy to see potential contacting issues. Managers can listen to and assist individual agents through monitoring/coaching/conferencing and provide a way for ongoing conversation with CTC messaging.
  • Agent activity reporting: IAT’s dialer allows you to track data by campaign (list) and get all the facts you need to make changes to your agent training and collecting strategies. (This story’s heroine particularly liked the idea of sending activity reports to the applicable client, so the client knows agents are successfully working their accounts.)

This agency owner found her “wish list” features with IAT’s hosted dialing services. What features are on your dialing technology wish list? Contact IAT to take your own guided tour through IAT’s dialing software and find out if your wish list features are already there. Call 800.574.8801 to speak to a member of our sales staff.


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This article was written by Jenna Bowman