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Drive your dialer to success

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Just like a driver needs a steering wheel, shifter, gas and brake pedal to operate their car’s engine, agents need Agent Access to operate their CT Center/CT Impact predictive dialing engine. This interface is conveniently installed on each agent’s workstation so that multiple agents can access the dialer at the same time.

Keep your collecting efforts running smoothly by effectively using your Agent Access engine.

Position Agent Access in your ideal spot. The placement of the Agent Access application is flexible, so you can choose where and how to display the interface. It can be run as a toolbar and placed anywhere on your desktop or docked to any edge of your computer screen.

Steer to the modes and activities you want. Select an Agent Type and List, and then start dialing:

  • Agent type: Log in as a Predictive Dialer (PD) or Interactive Communications (IC or IVR Messaging) agent.  Within the Predictive Dialing option, select whether to answer outbound and/or inbound calls, and which method (mode) of dialing you want to use in outbound (predictive, power, passive or preview). This dialing mode helps the dialer know how fast you want it to go and when.
  • Lists/Campaigns: Tell the dialer which lists/campaigns to dial from.

Shift to a new dialing mode or agent type on the fly. Use the Change Mode button to quickly change any of the options above. The dialer will make the change as soon as waiting calls (if any) are handled.

Brake when you aren’t ready for another call. Notify the dialer to stop dialing for you if you are either in wrap-up or otherwise busy. The dialer will start dialing again as soon as you indicate you’re ready.

Carefully maneuver through accounts. Agent Access gives you additional features to help you with contacting, including the ability to

  • Make “manual” calls using the Dial Request feature.
  • Redirect a call answered by an answering machine back to the dialer and have the dialer leave a voice mail for the customer.
  • Add results to the calls you have taken.
  • Add a phone number to the “Do Not Call” list.
  • Record your phone conversation (if feature is enabled).
  • Send text messages to other agents and managers for additional help (if feature is enabled).

Agent Access is an agent’s command center. Use it to control the dialer operations that apply to you. Rest assured there is no speeding ticket for fast contacting. Only great results!


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This article was written by IrfanKendra