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Lectures vs. The Personal Touch

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“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies.” – Joe Fox, “You’ve Got Mail

Fall puts me in a “back to school” mindset as well. Something about the cooling weather and shortening days makes me want to read several-hundred page textbooks and spend my free time doing homework. Thankfully that urge only lasts a few weeks.

Teachers have a hard job; each day they have one main principle to teach to a lot of people. The majority of class time is spent in lecture mode with all the students listening (hopefully) to the same explanation of the subject matter.

In a math class, for instance, once the lecture is over, the remainder of class time is given to students to practice using what they’ve just learned. For many students, the lecture is enough. They understand and can now solve the problems on their own.

But others still don’t quite get it.

Not to worry—the teacher is still available to answer questions one-on-one. This personal explanation can be tailored to the student and explained in a way that makes sense to them.

This concept applies in collections, too. In many instances it works to deliver the same generic message to everyone—and you can use IVR Messaging (IAT calls it IC) to do it quickly and flawlessly.

Just like in class there are collection cases where the debtor needs one-on-one assistance. That’s where your live agents come in. With Predictive Dialing (PD), agents can work with the accounts that need a little extra attention.

But how do you know if IC will suffice or if PD is more appropriate? Ask yourself what is your main goal. Are you aiming to TALK TO people or TO CONTACT people?

Predictive dialing is fantastic for connecting debtors with agents. So if your goal is talking to accounts, PD is the perfect tool for you. Some instances when it would be wise to use PD:

  • Sensitive Accounts: Sometimes the subject matter may require a more personalized approach, like when dealing with some kinds of medical or legal debts.
  • High balance: Chances are with a high balance account, a debtor isn’t going to want to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars using an automated payment option, at least without the security of talking to an agent first. And in this situation, it is definitely worth paying for the agent’s time.

IC is a very useful tool to emulate the teacher during lecture time. You are able to get a more basic—but important— message to many people at once (or at least very quickly).

If you don’t know exactly what to do with a list, make a guess and see what happens. IAT’s dialer is backed by 26 years of experience and it’s really good at knowing what to do. The dialer will analyze the current stats for each list on PD and IC (hit rate, average talk time, etc.) and then decide whether to give the campaign more or less of the available resources.  This happens so quickly that it changes even before the fastest clicking manager can recognize the trends and make a manual change.

Another lesson you never knew you learned in school! Make sure to thank your teacher for showing you how to be so productive.


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This article was written by Jenna Bowman