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How to prove your dialer’s worth

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CT Center can almost do MIRACLES. The dialer simultaneously contacts correct phones, delivers correct messages, arranges and collects payments, and connects debtors to the appropriate agents all while abiding by federal regulations. However, if you cannot find out key dialer performance information—who you have contacted, how much debt was promised and paid, who was contacted and who was not, how many contacts were made—then what good is the dialer? Even if it DOES work miracles, you’ll never know about it!

If you have any of the above questions, CT Center has a report to answer them. Reporting is an integral part of CT Center. That is why it includes 36 main standard reports and 89 variations ranging from call summary to dialer utilization. In addition, custom reports can also be created for customers with unique requirements. If you still find yourself wanting more information, there are ways to provide you with the data so you can create your own reports.

The standard reports included in CT Center are divided into four major categories—History, Operations, Setup and Distribution—designed to answer four questions:

What happened? The History category focuses on accounts, calls and their results. Reports for History include agent history, list history, call history, account history, payment history, queue history, and service level. Some reports are linked to agents, lists, and queues; these reports focus on accounts and calls that are serviced by agents, lists and queues.

How are we doing? The Operations category sheds light on the operations of the dialer. The focus of these reports is on the activity of different elements of the dialer such as dialers (the program used to place or receive calls), agents, queues, trunks (physical phone lines used for connecting the dialer to the local and/or central switch) and call services (IC, PD, Inbound, etc.). The Operations category includes reports such as agent activity, dialer activity, queue activity, trunk activity, and call service utilization.

What am I telling the dialer to do? The Setup category reports give you an overview of dialer settings.  Here, you will find reports that provide settings for all exchanges, groups, routing queues, offices, agent lists, units and results. You will also find reports in this category which give details for call controls, list qualifications and list statistics.

Where are my reports? The Distribution category includes reports regarding the distribution or emailing of the other reports. These include reports about whether CT Center attempted to send the report, and which reports were not delivered.

CT Center is a great contacting tool; however without good reports, you’ll never really know that. IAT equipped CT Center with useful reports to help you monitor its operations and to give you detail and summaries of calls made, calls received, contacts made, dollars collected, and the service level provided to your customers.


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This article was written by Irfan Quraishi