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Who’s the Expert?

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Earlier this year

Natalie Wolchover published an article on www.LiveScience.com titled “Incompetent People Too Ignorant to Know It.” The opening paragraph of her Robes de bal courte
article made me laugh and at the same time made me a little apprehensive about sharing it because some people could take offense. So—understand no offense is intended.

The opening paragraph states: “A growing body of psychology research shows that incompetence deprives people of the ability to recognize their own incompetence. To put it bluntly, dumb people are too dumb to know it. Similarly, unfunny people don”t have a good enough sense of humor to tell.”

Her article goes on to substantiate her opening paragraph with reference to the work of David Dunning, a psychologist at Cornell University, and Justin Kruger, of New York University. Apparently Mr. Dunning and Mr. Kruger

have, for over a decade, conducted a number of studies that have convinced them the majority of people overrate their own ability to make intelligent decisions in areas where they have little or no training or expertise. Hence, people think they are an

expert in everything.

I’m sure most readers have heard this story before, but it illustrates the point I’m trying to make:

A man”s car stalled on a country road one morning. When the man got out to fix the car, a cow came along and stopped beside him. “Your trouble is probably in the carburetor,” said the cow.

Startled, the man jumped back and ran down the road until he met a farmer mobile casino and told the farmer this amazing story.

“Was it a large red cow with a brown spot over the right eye?” asked the farmer. “Yes, yes,”Robes de mariée the man replied.

“Oh! I wouldn”t listen to Bessie,” said the farmer. “She doesn”t know a thing about cars.”

You’re probably asking what all of this has to do with predictive dialing, IVR messaging and other dialer related stuff. Becoming an expert on any topic can take years to develop. In IAT’s case, we have been in the dialer business focused on the collections industry for over

twenty-six years. While any given IAT employee

may not be an expert on all aspects of dialer technology or best practices, the combined expertise of IAT employees certainly gives us the edge in levitra 10mg uk usare helping you make an informed decision.

If you have questions regarding predictive dialing or other dialer related functions you have three choices:

  1. Consider yourself an expert
  2. Ask a cow
  3. Or talk to the experts at IAT.



This article was written by Ray