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Nobody Notices What I Do … Until I Don’t Do It.

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IAT’s National Training Conference is only a few days away. That means there is a lot of “busyness” here as we get ready. This is true of any event of this type, and is crucial for success.

For instance, a concert or play requires a lot of preparation for the performers. However, others also have to prepare. The stage has to be built, the lighting and sound coordinated and rehearsed, the programs created and printed. The list can go on and on.

Imagine what would happen if a key member of the sound or lighting crew didn’t show up opening night. A lot of things would probably go wrong during the show. Additionally, the rest of the crew would have to pick up the slack. (The absent crew member would probably be fired the next day!)

Now I confess that I’m late turning in this blog post. When my blog post never showed up, our blog post editor probably felt the added pressure and had to scramble to make sure something was ready to go up at the scheduled time. Had I gotten this post written and turned in on time, though, nobody would have noticed.

As a programmer, I spend most of my working day writing (or modifying) code, so I’m a lot like the stage crew from my concert example. You don’t see what I do, only the result or effects. If I take a week-long vacation and something goes wrong in one of my assigned areas of work, it’s noticed. If I’m not thorough in the code I write, it’s noticed (especially since I work with many of the user interface pieces).

On the other hand, if I do my job well, you won’t notice. It just works. This is how it should be. I don’t want you to notice. Well, most of the time. Sometimes we’ll deliberately change something intending it to be noticed. (For example, in 8.0 we streamlined the whole activation process in Agent Access. Simultaneously we created the “Change Mode” feature to make changing dialing setup after activation a lot easier. As soon as you tried to log in or make a change, you couldn’t help noticing it wasn’t the same!)  Otherwise, I don’t want you to notice what I’m doing.

It’s probably a Good Thing if you don’t notice what I do. It means your system is running smoothly, and it’s familiar to you. So, yeah, I guess that old statement about sums it up: Nobody notices what I do… until I don’t do it.


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This article was written by Dave S