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Increase productivity: Send in the clones

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Some days I have so much work to complete, I wish I had a clone or two for some of the more mundane jobs. I could then use my time much more productively by focusing on those tasks requiring my expertise. While I’m testing new products and writing documentation, my clone could be reading and answering emails, performing routine software builds (and writing blog posts).

Debt collection agents are experts at talking to debtors and collecting money. However, obtaining those calls is a mundane task and takes a lot of time. For decades IAT has developed and fine-tuned “clones” called automated dialers that will dial accounts for the agent. Then it will listen for rings, busy signals, other informational tones or a voice and take the appropriate action— hang up and attempt another call, leave a message on an answering machine, or transfer that account to an agent.

Advanced tools such as predictive dialing and power dialing’s dial-ahead feature allow the dialer to do all this in the background while the agent focuses on what he or she does best—talk to the debtor and collect the debt.

In addition to merely dialing, listening and transferring, IAT’s complete solution includes complex algorithms that take into consideration collector talk times and hit rate trends. Managers can also control how aggressively the dialer locates live contacts, tailoring the pace to the agency’s dialing strategy.

Duplicating myself to do the mundane stuff is not going to happen. But agents can feel as if they have clones working for them every time they use the dialer.


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