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One-step Bread Maker

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I have an excellent bread maker at my house, and I use it a lot. At a cost of “completely free,” it was a real bargain.

I call it “Kendra.”

Kendra reads and comprehends the recipe—regular or Artisan! Kendra gathers the ingredients mixes them up and kneads the dough just the right amount. After patiently waiting for the dough to rise, Kendra is versatile enough to shape anything from a regular sandwich loaf to Italian or Ciabatta—even bagels! Kendra doesn’t actually cook the dough, but that’s a small drawback for being free!

Where can you get this amazing bread maker? You can’t. I have a one-of-the-kind model. But if you pop into my house sometime, maybe I’ll have some freshly made Focaccia bread for you.

If you haven’t caught on yet, the bread maker is me (gasp!). Generally speaking, I bypass all the crazy mixing/rising gadgets and spend the extra few minutes to make the dough myself. By hand. From scratch.

Why do I do this? Well, for one reason, I LIKE to do it. For another, it gives me the most control over what I’m making, and I am more confident my product will turn out the way I want.

Technology—like bread mixers and predictive dialing—is developed to make your life easier. With predictive dialers your agents can spend time talking to debtors and collecting debt instead of online slots dialing numbers and listening to ringing phones.

Sometimes, however, you might need more control over the whole process. In bread making, that means getting your hands a little doughy. With IAT’s predictive dialing, it’s through personally monitoring the call—listening to the ringing, busy signal, SIT, or answer by a human or a machine.

Normally IAT’s pokies online dialer handles all the dialing and call monitoring until the call is answered; then it’s transferred to the agent. This is known as the “call progress.”  In Preview Dialing mode, IAT can change the call progress responsibility from dialer to agent, which means the agent takes over monitoring as soon as the dialer places the call.

When might you want to use this feature? Any time you want your agents to have more control over answer, busy or answering machine results. For instance, one of our customers used it to audit answering machine detection.

If the call reaches an answering machine, the agent can choose to have the dialer leave the message. To do it, simply use the Leave Message button. The dialer will speak the message you set it up to leave before the agent intervened. Meanwhile, the agent will be free to handle another call.

Technology is designed to save time and make things easier. But sometimes it pays to take control. It can help you audit your dialing technology. And it can be quite tasty. Ciabatta, anyone?


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This article was written by Kendra