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Just Don’t Burn my Toast!

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Seems everything has fancy features these days. The option to purchase a toaster with just “Light, Medium, Dark” is long gone. Do I need self-centering bread racks, LED Display, Touchpad controls, cool-wall sides, extra long bread slots or any of the other many features available? Who knew toaster choices could be so overwhelming?!

Sometimes, features are very beneficial and should have a major impact on purchasing decisions. Think about when you selected your cell phone; certainly there were features that swayed you towards a particular model and carrier. It is highly likely you use many of those features daily to make your life easier and more enjoyable and to save time.

Predictive Dialers certainly fall into the category “features are important.” IAT’s dialers have many great features developed to make your life easier and more productive and to save you time.

When I demonstrate IAT’s dialer features to a prospective customer, they are often amazed and usually come up with scenarios for using them to help their business. Suddenly a feature they didn’t even know existed becomes something they can’t possibly live without.

One such option—well, actually it is three—is the ability of the manager to monitor, coach or conference into a call.

Monitor an agent’s call. This feature allows you to listen in on an agent’s call. The agent and debtor will not know anything is out of the ordinary. This is a great tool for scoring calls or checking up on an agent for whom you have received complaints. You could also let new employees listen to seasoned collectors “live” as part of their training.

Coach an agent during a call. This feature is like monitoring, except it also gives you the ability to talk to the agent without the debtor hearing you. You can give them ideas, lines to say, etc. This is a great tool for training new agents. It is also good for helping more seasoned collectors through a difficult call.

Conference into a call. With this feature everyone—agent, debtor and manager—can hear and speak to all. A good feature for when a debtor requests to speak to a manager. Again it’s also great for training and difficult calls.

Your toaster might not really need LED display or self-centering bread racks, but you’ll find IAT’s dialing features—like Monitor, Coach and Conference—worth considering. Give your sale representative a call to discuss these or other features in detail.


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