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Phone Smarts

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I wish I had received some training after buying my last cell phone, just so I could feel a bit smarter than my smart phone. Instead, I had to muddle through on my own, learning mostly by trial and error. On the way, my new phone and I went through some “counseling” because it refused to cooperate with me after I apparently pushed its buttons “the wrong way.” I don’t think it was my fault, but my cell phone still blames me. Imagine that!

Luckily, IAT SmartDial’s customers don’t have to go through the agony I did learning my smart phone. As soon as they buy a CT Center dialer, they become eligible for free initial training. And even after the initial training, if they are on support, they are eligible for further training.

IAT provides CT Center training in four formats:

  • Web-based training: From the comfort of their office, customers log on to an IAT provided website to view the trainer’s desktop and then connect to the audio via the telephone. Customers can customize this training to meet their needs. For instance, maybe the customer is efficiently using Interactive Communications (IVR Messaging), but they want further training on Predictive Dialing (PD) and how Agent Access works with it. Training would be tailored to meet those needs. Web-based training is free to customers on support.
  • IAT Academy: Customers travel to IAT headquarters in West Jordan, Utah, where our dialing experts train them using dialer simulators. This training can also be customized and is free for those on support. (You pay your own travel/lodging expenses.)
  • Onsite training at customer location: IAT’s dialing expert travels to the customer’s location to train using the company’s own dialer. This is helpful for those wanting to know how “their” dialer works or for training a large group of employees at once. This training can also be customized. Customers have to pay a fee plus the trainer’s expenses, but it may still be more cost effective than sending a large group of employees to IAT Academy.
  • Training Conferences: This training is open to all IAT customers (including CT Impact and not-supported customers) and follows a predetermined training agenda. However, IAT seeks input from all customers and includes all popular suggested topics. Issues important to customers but not presented to all the attendees may be discussed individually one-on-one at the training.

It is essential for service providers like IAT to offer extensive training on their “High Tech” gadgets. Without proper training technology becomes useless, and who wants to buy something that is useless? You might as well buy a cheaper cell phone (if you can find one these days) to simply make and receive calls. Why pay exorbitant amounts of money for a smart phone you can’t use? Just so that you can say you own a smart phone, even though all you can do with it is make and receive calls and maybe—if you can figure it out—play Solitaire?

By the way, did you know that Microsoft® just came out with their latest operating system (OS) Windows® 8?  Do you also know it is completely different from any other Windows OS? Now THAT is a product that will need some serious training. Do you think Microsoft will be providing their customers with personal training? Yes, maybe if you spend some major bucks to get it! IAT on the other hand includes individual training by our dialing experts to all its customers. Now that is a company with your interest at heart.


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This article was written by Irfan Quraishi