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The secret of the Masters

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I like to paint. As with anything I enjoy pursuing, (my work, developing a skill or other life-quests) there are specific principles I try to follow to achieve desired results. These principles are just as applicable in business and debt collection as creating a work of art. So please forgive me for making another analogy between dialers and art.

Norman Rockwell’s “Saturday Evening Post” cover: March 1, 1941

The years from 1896-1950 are known as “The Golden Age of American Illustration.” Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, J.C. Leyendecker, Maxfield Parish and many more entertained and mesmerized the country with their incredible skill. Magazine subscribers purchased publications—The Saturday Evening Post, Life, Collier’s, Literary Digest and others—just to see the wonderful covers.

Howard Pyle (1853-1911) is known as the founder of this golden age and the “Father of American Illustration.” For sheer draftsmanship and artistic ability, there is no one equal to him today. He instructed and trained many of the previously mentioned gifted masters.

He wrote the following:

“. . . the function of all art instruction should teach the pupil to analyze and to separate the light from shadow. And, until the pupil is entirely able to separate these two qualities of light and shadow, he should not advance beyond the region of elementary instruction.  Color and texture are properties of light and must be painted accordingly. The province of shadow is to produce form and shape, and possesses no power of conveying an impression of color or texture.”

The most fundamental objective of all realistic art is understanding how to separate “light” from “shadow.” Without this power of analysis and simplification, it is impossible to produce and perfect any work of art. It is that basic . . . but very difficult to do! Many who claim to be artists fail to realize their main objective is to create this illusion of “light” and “shadow” . . . not merely replicate a horse, portrait, landscape, or whatever they are trying to paint. This is the essence of all realistic art.

What is the basic task required in finding dialing technology? Before calling your sales rep, you need to identify precisely what you are trying to accomplish! What is your main objective?!!! Once this is identified, IAT can help you expand your capabilities. You may need direction with unattended payment processing, cell phone scrubbing, answering machine messaging or a variety of other features.

Stop spinning your wheels in frustration and confusion. Just like the beginning artist who wonders why his painting is so unappealing (it is most likely that he is unable to create the illusion of “light” and “shadow”), IAT SmartDial can give you specific direction for achieving your collection aspirations.

Now that I have given you (for free!) the “secret” of the masters—something that cost me tens of thousands of dollars in education and countless hours of application—call me to discuss IAT SmartDial’s solutions. I know there are many “Rembrandts” out there . . . you just may not know it yet!


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This article was written by David E