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Weird looks, but I save time.

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A couple of weeks ago, I was asked the following question: “If you were a dialer manager, what would your favorite CT Center feature be?” My answer? Automatic Client Updates. It makes updating client software—Agent Access, Manager Center and Control Center—a whole lot easier.

My answer received an odd look, probably because this doesn’t seem like a dialing feature. It was the same odd look I get when I tell somebody that I’ll spend two hours making a program that will save me ten minutes once a month. In fact, you may be giving the same odd look to the computer screen right now.

It’s a matter of saving time over the long run. Over several months, those ten minutes add up and eventually I’ll save more minutes than I spent automating the task. As an added bonus, I don’t have to think about how I accomplished the task. Sometimes I don’t even have to remember what the task was (or that it even needs to be done).

I like the Automatic Client Updates feature for the same reason; it saves time over the long run. Let me explain: Any time the CT Center software—Agent Access, Manager Center, or Control Center—has to be updated, somebody has to visit each workstation and install it. Often the environment is “locked down,” meaning the agent has to log off so that the administrator can log on to install the new software. With more than, say, half a dozen workstations, the time spent starts adding up.

Here’s how Automatic Client Updates work. After a CT Center upgrade, the manager decides to update all the client software (like Agent Access), so he/she turns on the handy automatic update feature. Then, when a user signs onto CT Center from an “old” version of the client software, the server notifies the client that an update is available, and the installation files are automatically retrieved.*

Once the necessary files have been transferred, the user will get a pop-up notification similar to Windows updates. To keep the user from having to restart Windows after installing the new client software, the user is prompted to exit out of the application before the install begins (more time saved!).

Nice! Now I don’t have to visit every workstation to install the latest Agent Access when new features are added. It gets better, though. The feature can be turned on for everyone or just specific users. If your environment restricts agents from installing software, there’s a way to do it as the administrator—and your agents don’t need to log out of Windows! 

I guess I’ll have to figure out what to do with all the time I’m saving by not visiting EVERY AGENT’S DESK to install the latest Agent Access. Of course…since I’m not really a dialer manager…I’ll probably just go write some more code.


*The catch is that your client software needs to be version 6.0.41 or later.



This article was written by Dave S