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Compliance Capable: Tailored to your comfort level

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IAT has been in the predictive dialer business, focused on collections, for over 26 years. During that time there

have been many changes in the rules and regulations involved in policing the use of predictive dialing and IVR messaging technology. It seems most regulations are designed to protect the debtor rather than the person or organization trying to collect the money owed. As a result of this consumer bias, a collection agency has to be aware of the pitfalls and use technology designed to help them operate within the laws.

In designing our site-premised and hosted predictive dialer products, IAT incorporates technology to aid the user in complying with the regulations involved. At the same time, IAT realizes that every agency makes their own interpretations of the laws, and based on those interpretations they determine how aggressive they want to be in pursuing the collection of a debt.

Throughout the design of IAT products you

will find technology that you can use to help you online casino remain conservative in your approach; or if you want to be aggressive and push the envelope a bit, IAT allows you the freedom to do so. Some of the compliance related features you can adjust to your comfort level include pushing differing caller ID numbers, legal calling times with zip code comparison capabilities, cell phone number scrubbing and flexible call-back scheduling.

If you are looking for a predictive dialer that gives you the freedom to determine your compliance comfort level, IAT offers the product that will satisfy your needs.Christmas Inflatable


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