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Ownership—nobody knows it better than you

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As a child, ownership didn’t mean much to me beyond my Halloween candy or my Christmas presents. Then I turned 19 and bought my first car—a 1967 Triumph TR4A—for $900.00, which was a very large sum for a teenager. We still had the family station wagon, but it served a different purpose than my Triumph.

I loved that car—babied it, worked on it, restored it. If you wanted to know about cars in general, even Triumphs, you could ask dozens of people. But if you wanted to know about my car, you asked me.

Like the family car, some collection agencies share groups of accounts within a team of collectors. This has the advantage of getting accounts through the system as quickly as possible. Just as I valued ownership of my Triumph, some agencies assign individual accounts to specific agents. The advantage of this ownership path is that each account is handled by an agent who is familiar with the situation. Many agencies have a hybrid plan with elements of both a shared and an ownership approach.

IAT has created a special feature in Agent Access version 8.0 for claiming ownership of an account’s callback. It’s called “Ownership call.” During wrap up, an agent can indicate specific callback information for the account (a specific time to call and/or a different phone number to use). In addition, they can select the Ownership Call option, which tells the dialer to transfer the call to that agent only and gives the agent a field for an optional note.

If “Ownership Call” is selected, the dialer will make the callback just for that agent at the indicated phone number and at approximately the time and day specified (the dialer will make sure the agent is available to take the call before dialing).

If the agent enters callback instructions, but leaves “Ownership Call” unselected, the call will be transferred to any agent logged onto that list at the time and date the account is available to be called back.

In both cars and collection accounts, ownership can be rewarding and brings with it added responsibility. Sharing accounts is certainly a more efficient way to get through calling lists. But ownership may be a more effective method for collecting accounts. Whether you choose to share accounts, “own” accounts or have a combination approach depends on your collection agency’s unique collecting strategy…And nobody knows that better than you.



This article was written by Vic