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Collection Industry Superheroes

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Do you ever wish Superheroes actually existed? Just think about it…We’d have someone possessing super-human strengths, powers and tools to protect and defend us from the evils of the world. A Superhero protecting the collection industry from its own villains and bullies would be awesome!

In the absence of aliens from Krypton, radioactive spider bites or a very rich man with a cave full of gadgets, your collection agents have to be your Superheroes. So how do you transform them? All you need are the right tools and equipment and your collectors will be ready to fight the good fight.

IAT provides the tools to make your agents Superheroes. Make them more successful, productive and their personal best, all while protecting you and your agency.

IAT provides many tools to protect collection agencies from the TCPA, FDCPA, CFPB, consumer attorneys and others (you know, the “evils of the world?”); thwart plans to hurt your agency; and help Superhero agents become more productive. A few of those tools include

  • Cell Phone Scrub. This scrubs your campaigns for known cell phone numbers and blocks those calls from being made. (There is also an exception/consent list that can be compiled for those cell numbers you have permission to call.)
  • Legal Calling Times. The dialer checks each phone number’s area code as well as the account’s zip code to determine if it’s legal to dial the number. The zip code check gives you double protection as it could prevent a call at the wrong time of the day to a phone that has been moved from one time zone to another.
  • Call Recording. Should a dispute arise, you’ll know exactly what both the debtor and your agent said.
  • Do Not Call. Mark a number or account as “do not call” and the dialer won’t call it. This can be done temporarily or permanently, depending upon the situation.
  • Multiple Agent dialing options. You and your agent can determine which dialing mode best fits the current campaign. These include Predictive, Power, Preview and Passive.
  • Scheduled Callbacks. When the debtor asks you to call back at a certain time, schedule that callback in the agent entered results box during wrap up. No need to try and remember—the dialer does it for you.
  • Call Monitoring, Coaching, Conferencing. The ability for the manager to monitor a call, coach an agent without the debtor hearing, or conference into a call and openly join the conversation. (After all, backup is always a good thing. Even Batman had Robin.)
  • Automatic Screen Pop. The dialer automatically pulls up the connected customer’s account in your host software.  A refresh button is also provided (Screen Pop), to pull the account back up, should you exit the account before you intended.
  • Dial Request. Manually dial any number, which is great for when you call and are told the right party is not in, but can be reached at another number.

Remember, the difference between acting like a Superhero and actually being a Superhero is being well equipped. IAT can help you with the tools you need.


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