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Everyone Loves a Secret

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During 2012, IAT’s marketing group put together a direct mail campaign called “3 Secrets to Collections Success.”  The intent of this campaign was to help educate dialer users about some simple ideas that would help them find success in using IAT’s CT Center predictive dialer or any of our competitor’s products.  Naturally the idea was to try and drum up business for IAT, but a great side-benefit was how the 3 secrets applied to anyone trying to understand some of the finer points of predictive dialing technology and managing their predictive dialer resources.

Secret #1 is the use of List Groups. List groups allow the dialer manager to compile a group of lists to be sequentially worked until all the lists are exhausted or the defined calling hours have ended. This secret allows the dialer manager to plan ahead by having all the daily lists planned and ready online casino to go. Not only do List Groups make the manager’s job easier, online casinos but it helps ensure that the agents using the predictive dialer are kept busy collecting, not waiting for lists to be built or wondering what list is next.

Secret #2 is the effective use of the literally hundreds of different dialogue options IAT offers. Using the correct automated dialogue can enhance your debtor’s experience and increase your collections. Effective dialogues allow the debtor several options:

  • Settle their account without speaking to an agent
  • Arrange for payment options
  • Verify acheter tadalafil en suisse right party contact
  • Obtain account information
  • Transfer to an agent


great thing about having dialogue choices is the flexibility given not only to the debtor, but the flexibility offered the dialer manager to try different approaches in contacting the debtor and collecting the debt.

Secret #3 is still a secret for now. To see the last secret, go to www.IATSmartDial.com/3Secrets and watch the short video detailing all three secrets. When you’re done, fill out the contact form if you would like additional information about IAT’s predictive dialer and how the three secrets can help you reach your collection goals.



This article was written by Ray