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IAT Employees share their hopes for 2013

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It’s almost time to stop partying and get back to work!

At IAT, we’re hoping to accomplish some spectacular things in 2013, both at work and in our personal lives. Below are a few of our plans.

John Roundy: “I want to fully recover from knee replacement surgery so I can work more than 4 hours.”

Vic Groves: “In 2013, I would like to make small improvements to a few areas of my life.

My physical health can be improved by walking or riding my bike to work more often. It’s only 1.5 miles, so I could be doing it every day, weather providing.

All my children are grown, moved out, and some are married. I want to get to know them better again. Our relationship will never be the same as when they lived at home, nor should it be. I want them to know that I am still a parent who can be depended on for help and advice.

I will use my spare time to be of more service to others. I have spent a lot of my life volunteering, but would like to turn that volunteer work into something more personal, focusing on making a bigger difference in a few lives.”

Robert Harper: “Survival.”

Ray Fowler: “At times life can be a bit of a challenge and the stress of responsibility can be overwhelming. As a stress reliever, my niece Lauren and I ran our first half-marathon in 2012. If things go as planned we are running our first full-marathon, the St. George Marathon, in 2013. It should be a fun challenge for both of us. I once ran into a t-shirt that said ‘Life is short… Running makes it seem longer….’ Life can be short so find something that makes it a bit longer for you.”

Jenna Bowman: “This year was filled with wonderful memories and adventures. I found myself in New York— twice—spent time in Disneyland, and enjoyed the ocean views on both coasts (Newport Beach, CA and Boston, MA). My younger brother returned from a two year religious mission in South Carolina, and I gained a new sister when my older brother got married last weekend. I also crossed off ‘go to a musical on Broadway’ from my ‘Je veux faire avant de mourir’ list (French for things I want to do before I die—my ‘bucket list’). Next year I hope to see more beautiful nature views, including those in Australia. I also hope to cross another item off my list—spend an entire month barefoot on a beach.”

Jeryl Smith: “2013 could certainly be the tipping point with lots of social issues to consider including gun control, entitlement programs, and tax issues/reforms, etc. Legislation is always a concern for everyone, but especially in the debt recovery industry. Because of this I will continue to stay on top of any new information in regards to legislative controls that could adversely affect us all.

My personal life is ever expanding. My six children have blessed mine and my wife’s life with 15 grandchildren (4 during this 2012 calendar year). I pray for increased love and patience for 2013. Eleven of the grandchildren are very active boys. When they all come for a visit, I truly have to hold my tongue to stay sane. I am very blessed and appreciate the job I have and the opportunity to serve my fellow employees and all of our customers.”

Melissa White: “I would like to reduce human error in my job, either by improving my skills or by automating difficult tasks to eliminate the chance for error.”

Mark Namba: “Hmm let me think about this. Whenever, I ask myself to set my upcoming new year’s goals, I pause to think and then I pause again and then put it off and off. Then my wife asks me “What are OUR Goals for the upcoming year?” I always wonder how this works into the mix of my goals. Well, I always remind myself ‘A Happy Wife is A Happy Life.’

Anyway on a serious note, I like to look at the past year and say  okay what HABITS will I change in my life to accomplish the new list of goals that I have and for an amazing  2013? Here is one of my goals:
Affirmation    * Habit to change: Stop being a Contrarian. Always Say YES…. to my Wife. As I previously mentioned ‘A Happy Wife is A Happy Life.’”

Kendra Fugal: “I hope to figure out how to make wheat cookies that look as good as they taste. And then eat as many of them as I can.”

Dave Shelley: “Here we are at the end of another year. It’s gone by fast. Looking back, I accomplished some of my goals for the year, and fell a bit short on others. That’s probably a good thing, because if I had completed everything, they probably didn’t make me reach quite far enough. As we look to the turning of another year, I’m reminded of a quote from the movie Hook, where Peter Banning said, “To live… to live would be an awfully big adventure.” Now I get to look forward to the adventures—large and small—of the coming year.”

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