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Messages made to order

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I am not a picky eater. Somehow my taste buds have developed to appreciate almost everything they encounter. While I like my burger with everything on it, there’s always the person who orders extra cheese, extra pickle, hold the lettuce and tomato — that’s okay with me. I understand that we are all different based on a combination of both genetics and life experiences.

At IAT, we have developed dialogues or voice messages for many collection situations and tastes. Do you just want to leave a message, or do you want the debtor to have the ability to pay by phone, set up a payment plan or talk with an agent? There are standard dialogues for each of these situations. But what if an agency wants the debtor to hear a voice, language, message or options other than those available in the standard messages?

IAT’s Profile Messages are custom messages recorded by your agency. Profile Messages provide a specialized message rather than a standard IAT dialogue. They can be used to address debtors in specific lists based on several determining factors including balance, account type, language, location or client.

Setting up and using Profile Messages may require an IAT Support professional’s assistance. They will help you determine if IAT already has a dialogue for your specific needs or if setting up a Profile Message is the best option. IAT’s professionals will help you set it up, record it and implement the message into your collections strategy.

Every agency’s approach to contacting is different. If IAT’s standard messages are a good fit then select a dialogue. However, if your message burger needs some tweaking to fit your company’s taste buds, IAT will help you customize your dialogues for the very best made to order message just for you.

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