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IAT’s strategy for a better 2013

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At this time of year, I like to gather my family around me—sometimes kicking and screaming—and we discuss the need for them to set good goals. I feel this is important because it gives them something to focus on throughout the year. If goal setting is done correctly, it’s easier to measure progress and make adjustments. Goals help me to review performance, create plans and dream big. Tracking and reaching goals is fun!

I’m exceedingly excited about what the New Year will bring to IAT and consequently to our fabulous customers. We’ve created plans and goals that we hope you will find beneficial.  Here is a small sneak peak at what is coming in 2013.    

Cutting edge technology: Research & Development is working on some revolutionary product enhancements and releases that will allow you to have greater management control and take advantage of new cutting edge technologies. I wish I could tell you more, but R&D is a very “secretive” process. I look forward to announcing new features in the coming months. 

Enhanced Customer Support: Customer service will introduce advanced “issue resolution” tracking and enhanced support representative training. Plus, there are plans to merge the CT Center and CT Impact service departments. 

Frequent in-person visits: Our Regional Sales Managers will be in your offices frequently, sharing IAT news, talking about the industry and most importantly, learning from YOU.

We will continue to be accessible to you as an industry and dialing expert at 20+ conferences. I encourage you to stop by our booth at these events and discuss the industry with us. We always look forward to learning from you and are happy to share our own insights as well.

Marketing Facelift: Our marketing team has been working on a redesign of the website and it already went up! Take a moment to browse through the new website. I know you will enjoy it.   

Social Media continues to revolutionize how people and businesses communicate. IAT’s focus in this area will continue to grow by providing even more helpful information on our company blog and other social media sites.

Continued Customer Focus: Finally, IAT will NOT lose focus on who has helped us achieve 27 years of success in a highly competitive and hyper-regulated industry: our clients! We have planned many new and exhilarating ideas, BUT I’m confident that you will give us even more great ideas to incorporate into our products, services and business. Speak up! We will continue to listen to you. You’ve always been our greatest asset and advocate.

Reaching IAT’s 2013 goals and fulfilling our plans will equate to greater success for your company. We’ll have fun completing them, and you’ll enjoy the results! Have a fabulous 2013!


This article was written by Dave R