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IAT Support—to the rescue!

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A number of years ago, I felt a minor pain in my back that gradually increased over a few hours. What seemed small at first grew excruciatingly painful. I buckled on the floor in agony and begged my wife to take me to the hospital. I will never forget that pain.

When we left for the medical center at 4 o’clock in the morning, I was certain my condition was life threatening. My wife drove the car, and I demanded she run every red light we encountered. I didn’t care if a policeman noticed our erratic driving. It would have been better to have a personal escort lead the way. Unfortunately, none was available.

When we arrived at the emergency room I thought for sure I would immediately go under the knife. The attending nurse asked me a few questions as I described my debilitating torture. Quickly she determined I was passing a kidney stone. I thought, “No way! How could something so small create that much pain?”

The nurse must have chuckled inside at the sight of a grown man withering in pain over a tiny kidney stone. She administered some morphine and almost instantly the pain was gone. I was in complete bliss and grateful someone saved me from this horrible event.  In my euphoric state I produced a proliferation of semi-coherent compliments and praises to the medical staff for a job well done. Quickly, I succumbed to the effects of the morphine and dozed off for several hours.

All of us have been in a crisis and felt the desperation of finding someone who knows how to provide immediate relief.  What peace of mind we have when we know where to turn in such an emergency!

It seems we are most grateful to people who are able to quickly rescue us from an unfortunate situation.  I see this with our customers. They are most appreciative and complimentary when Support comes to their rescue in times of trouble.

Over the years that I have worked at IAT SmartDial there is definitely a recurring compliment and expression of gratitude our customers have shared with me: “Thank you for your tremendous Support!” IAT is fortunate to have a knowledgeable Support team dedicated to serving customers’ needs. Our clients have confidence they have partnered with a dependable vendor that quickly responds to their requests. This tremendous asset is one of the major reasons they selected IAT SmartDial.

Support . . . Thank you for your firm commitment to our customers!


This article was written by David E