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3 Reasons to use Inbound Blending

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Keeping agents busy and productive is the goal of every predictive dialer manager. Today’s technology helps to make obtaining that goal a little easier.

Increase agent productivity. One tool that IAT offers is the ability to blend inbound calls with predictive dialer/ outbound calls, which provides agents a steady stream of calls.

All inbound calls are transferred to agents right away. When lulls in inbound traffic occur, the predictive dialer takes over and keeps your agents busy speaking to clients via outbound campaigns. The inbound and predictive dialer functions work together by adjusting the outbound pacing to match the inbound traffic flow.

Increase call handling efficiency. A unique IAT feature is our variety of inbound blending dialogues that ensure inbound calls are routed as efficiently as possible. For instance, an inbound blending dialogue can allow the caller to “self-help” by entering the appropriate account number, request a specific language or extension, or transfer to the next available agent. In addition, inbound blending dialogues can be used to inform the caller casino spiele that the call is being recorded or perhaps to deliver a mini-Miranda casino online message prior to transferring the call.

Decrease caller wait time. Another benefit of using inbound blending and the associated dialogue is the potential to decrease the caller’s wait time. In most cases reduced wait time makes your customer or client happy and more receptive. In my opinion, an inbound call holds

far more potential for debt settlement or payment acheter viagra than an outbound predictive dialer call. Having all your agents available to take both inbound and outbound calls increases the likelihood of an agent being available when an inbound call hits your call center.

In today’s business world every manager looks for ways to get the most out of their operations budget and IAT’s assortment of blending dialogues can help.

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