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Listening in: Benefits of call monitoring

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Manager Center provides excellent tools for visually monitoring collector activity both historically and in real time. However, there are times when a display of dialer activity is not enough. Sometimes a manager needs to actually hear or participate in the conversation between the agent and debtor for the purposes of training, mentoring, verifying compliance or escalating a difficult issue.

Fortunately, IAT provides three easy ways for managers to drop in on their agents’ conversations.

Monitoring allows managers to hear the conversation of any of their agents without actually participating in the phone call. This is a terrific tool for managing compliance and observing the collection styles and techniques of agents without interrupting the conversation.

Coaching allows the manager to talk to the agent before, during or after a conversation without the debtor hearing. The manager and agent can hear all three parties, but the debtor can only hear the agent. This tool is used to prepare the agent before a call, train and mentor the agent during the call, and offer suggestions and additional training after the call.

Conferencing is a tool that allows the manager, agent and debtor to participate in the call together. This feature may be used when a difficult situation needs to be escalated to a manager and the manager wishes to keep the agent on the line for training or mentoring purposes.

There may be situations when a manager monitoring a call needs to coach or conference in. Fortunately, IAT’s Manager Center has the ability to immediately switch modes so that the collection manager can quickly join the conversation.

Monitoring/Coaching/Conferencing is for the benefit of your agents. Make it clear to your agents that the purpose of this feature is to support them and help them increase productivity. Praise your agents on how they handled specific situations you observed while monitoring. Managers can use this tool to help agents who may need it, or agents can proactively solicit assistance using CTC Messaging.

Call monitoring, coaching and conferencing are tools successful managers use to train, mentor, ensure compliance and escalate difficult issues. Regular and effective use of these tools can promote a sense of security for your agents and success for your company.

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