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IAT Compliance—Steps to Success

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If you’re going to be a dialing technology expert in the collections industry, you’ve got to do your homework! While IAT will never take the place of your legal counsel—since we are not legal counsel—we do work hard to be an outstanding resource for dialing and related compliance issues.

Below are some of the steps IAT takes to help keep your agency’s dialing compliant.

1. Ongoing employee education. FTC, FDCPA, TCPA, CFPB—IAT keeps track of the alphabet soup of regulators and regulations. We keep abreast of all current and potential regulations by attending industry conferences, reading magazines and articles and watching available webinars/seminars. IAT also relies on opinions/interpretations and materials from ACA International as well as feedback from our clients on casino online specific state regulation.

 2. Built-in compliance technology. Armed with regulation education, IAT offers features—and whole solutions—to make your dialing compliant. Technology updates are quickly made available and are free to CT Impact and CT Center customers with a support plan. So you can always be sure to have the best IAT compliance tools.

3. Ongoing customer education. Knowledge is power. Training conferences, newsletters, help documents, webinars, onsite or online training—IAT provides opportunities to learn about new and existing compliance features. Plus, Customer Support is available to answer your questions and help you set up dialer compliance the way you decide. 

4. Compliance options. We understand opinions differ from company to company regarding what constitutes a safe compliance level. IAT makes compliance features and solutions available so you can use them…or adjust them depending on your compliance comfort level. We encourage you to involve your attorney when determining your compliance strategies.

5. Industry promotion and lobbying. Meanwhile, IAT participates in various industry associations and lobbying efforts. We create effective technology for today’s collecting environment, and help work to improve the regulation environment for the future.

Compliance awareness and efforts are vital for vendors serving the ARM industry. We have done our homework and pass the compliance test. IAT gets an A in Compliance.

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