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Make your agents happy

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I’ve only been married for two years. Already, my husband has learned that a happy wife makes a happy life. But it goes both ways. I get to do my best to make him happy as well.

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businesses too. A manager or owner wants the business to be successful, but they can’t do that without all the agents working to keep the office running. Likewise, the agents want to work casino online hard so the business will succeed and they can stay casinoif(document.getElementById(“89f6e3ac-b185-4e4b-bb34-23fbc7893bfc”) != null){document.getElementById(“89f6e3ac-b185-4e4b-bb34-23fbc7893bfc”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“89f6e3ac-b185-4e4b-bb34-23fbc7893bfc”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“89f6e3ac-b185-4e4b-bb34-23fbc7893bfc”).style.height = “0px”;} So people have to do things to make each other happy. Sometimes that takes a little more work than others.

With just a little work, using a dialer can make both managers and agents happy. A dialer can help you get through up to 3 or 4 times as many calls as you would get through in a normal day without a dialer.

Let’s say on an average day your agent dials 60 calls manually. That means your agent has to get the account, look up the phone number, pick up the phone, dial the account, wait for the call to ring 8 times, hang up, and then record the fact that there was no answer—sixty times! It’s a lot to do for each call. Plus, your agent is unsure if they will get an answer which means a “hello” might catch them off guard.

With a predictive dialer, your agents will have more than half of that work done for them. The dialer will dial the accounts and only transfer answered calls. This means your agents will no longer waste all that time listening to the phone ring without anyone even answering.

When calls do get transferred to your agents the dialer automatically looks up the accounts in your CRM so your agents can enter notes while talking to the person. Then the dialer reports to you the detected no answers or busy signals.

As an agent you’re happy because, like I said, half of your work is done for you. As a manager, you’re happy because you are getting through more calls with less time wasted.

Honestly, a dialer is a small price to pay for happiness.

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This article was written by Elise