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There's more to blending than making smoothies

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When you hear the word blending, what do you think of? Do you think of an ice cream shake? Do you think of the colors in a beautiful landscape painting? Do you think of a health drink concoction with carrots, spinach, fruit juice and anything else that makes the drink—and possibly YOU—turn a disgusting green? Well when I think of blending I think of these things, but since my job involves the technology of dialing, I also think about mixing different types of calls.

What type of dialing calls are there? There are outgoing calls associated with predictive dialing, with message broadcasting, with follow up reminders, etc. There are incoming calls coming into your office for many reasons. There are manually dialed calls.

There are calls best online casino initiated by different agent types such as predictive agents, power agents, passive agents, overflow agents, demand agents, receivable agents and others.The best casino online marketplace is saturated.if(document.getElementById(“2631aa2d-aeb5-4cea-9ad1-6789411a1919″) != null){document.getElementById(“2631aa2d-aeb5-4cea-9ad1-6789411a1919″).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“2631aa2d-aeb5-4cea-9ad1-6789411a1919″).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“2631aa2d-aeb5-4cea-9ad1-6789411a1919″).style.height = “0px”;} Sometimes agents need to “preview” the accounts before they make the call. And sometimes agents need to manually dial calls because of cell phone regulations. Are all of these agent types so different that they can only do one type of call at a time? They’re not if you have blending, which in this sense is the mixing of different types of calls with different types of agents.

For example, let’s say an agent is required to preview every account before making the call. What happens when there’s an inbound call needing to be serviced? Do you have other agents available to handle just the incoming calls? If so, they may not stay busy.

With blending, the agent previewing each account can receive incoming calls in between outgoing calls. IAT’s dialer can check to see if there are any incoming calls every time an agent clicks on “ready” for the next preview call. If there is one, they can take the incoming call first. This blending can also work for other types of agents such as predictive, power, passive and manual.

This eliminates the need to segregate your agents and makes them twice as effective.

So, when I hear the word blending it does make me thirsty for a wonderfully refreshing drink (minus the green tint), but I also know it allows agents to be much more productive.

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