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The tools for collecting

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There are a few important tools for successfully collecting debt. Turns out, your agents probably already have them!

Think about it—people were collecting debt long before the invention of computers or telephones, let alone computer telephony. People still owed money and creditors successfully collected those debts.  Technology like predictive dialing doesn’t give agents those skills—the dialer enhances your agents’ abilities to use them.

Agents need to be able to speak with the debtor. Communication is possible without technology—but when using a predictive dialer agents don’t have to travel to the debtor’s physical location or manually dial the numbers on their phone. It’s all automatically done by a predictive dialer. IAT’s collector interface, Agent Access, even allows agents to choose how soon the dialer starts finding another contact by selecting a dialing mode (Predictive, Power, or Preview).

Agents need to be able to “work an account.” They must have problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to an individual’s needs and determine the next appropriate step. With the screen pop function, agents receive the account information as the debtor answers the phone, so it’s immediately available for their reference. In addition, the preview mode allows them to think about an account and prepare before the dialer calls them. After the call, the result button helps agents account for the conversation and make plans for any future calls.

Agents need to be flexible. Back in the day collectors could work at their own pace and follow up with debtors later in the day.  Before dialers it was simple—they scheduled themselves. These days agents still need to remain flexible and not get tied down by the dialer. At times they must make calls on the fly and follow-up with the same account rather than continuing down the list. With manual dial, agents have this power.

Using a predictive dialer doesn’t give your agents the skills they need to collect because they probably already have them. But it does make agents better—and faster—at what they already do.

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This article was written by Jenna Bowman