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We are really getting old now!

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In today’s highly competitive environment it is a rare accomplishment for a technology company to celebrate their 27th birthday. Yet, that is exactly what IAT is doing this week!

The company started very humbly March 6, 1986 with a small amount of capital and a napkin full of ideas. Today, IAT has hundreds of clients mainly focused in North America and the Bahamas. We also have clients as far away as Guam and South Africa!

A technology company can’t reach this milestone just on good luck. A tremendous amount of hard work, dedication, fantastic employees, vision, top-notch technology, smart and loyal customers, and sound financial stewardship are critical to this kind of longevity.

It is gratifying to recognize that many of our customers have been with IAT since the late 1980s.It has been fun to watch their growth and success.

I thank all IAT employees for their willingness to go the extra-mile and ensure the success of our clients. IAT couldn’t have made it this far without you!

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This article was written by Dave R