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Steps to increased agent productivity

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When I was new to the industry, one of the first things I heard was using a predictive dialer will increase average talk time by 300% compared to manual dialing. Back then, I thought this sounded too good to be true. I am happy to say, I’ve learned the statement is accurate.

I am sure some of you use a dialer and know it has increased your agents’ productivity, but possibly not to that extent. So how can you increase productivity—and ultimately profitability—within your organization by more effectively using your dialer?

Think about your use of the dialer’s reports. How much time do you spend evaluating the information you get from the dialer? How do you use this information? The reports have valuable key performance indicators that will help you run the dialer, coach your agents and manage your campaigns more effectively. Dialer reports are the key to identifying where you can increase productivity. Below are some ideas for doing it.

First, look at your agents’ time usage. Some of the key indicators are

  • Agent talk time
  • Wrap up time
  • Unavailable time
  • Ready time
  • Break time
  • Inactive time

Determine the talk time average for the whole team. If your overall talk time is around 45 minutes per hour, you’re likely doing great. If not, or you want to improve, take the next step.

Break down the information by agent. This will give you an indication of which agents are meeting or exceeding expectations and performing well—and which are not. This is likely not news to you. Look for those agents who think they are working hard, but just cannot quite produce the numbers. How does their time usage data compare to high performing agents? Their wrap up times, talk times, break times, etc?

Now you know in which areas to coach these struggling agents. Challenge them; help those agents set goals for improvement, so they more closely resemble the top performers. Perhaps a contest may provide additional motivation.

Next, look at the results from each call the dialer made. How many disconnected numbers? How many answering machines? How many live answers where the correct party was not available?

If you are getting a lot of answering machines or no answers, perhaps running the campaign at a different time of day would be beneficial.

If a significant amount of disconnected numbers keep showing up in your campaigns, try running a simple IVR messaging campaign prior to loading them into the predictive dialer. This can provide a couple of benefits, the best being the right party may actually call you back! Second, the disconnected numbers would be indicated, and you can then remove those numbers from the predictive dialing campaign and send the accounts to skip tracing.

These steps will help ensure a higher hit rate with more right party contacts, thus increasing agent talk time.

By changing your dialer campaign strategies and helping agents improve their talk times, you will achieve your goal of increasing productivity and collections.

This article was written by Paul