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What’s in a name?

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Years ago, I enjoyed a catchy advertising campaign that asked “What’s in a name?” One of the most memorable commercials featured a young man sitting on a bed lamenting that he couldn’t get any babysitting jobs. He reasoned that he was great with kids and had references “out the wazoo.” His name—Freddy Krueger—displayed as the camera panned around and showed the viewer exactly why no one hired him. (The commercial was playing on the name of the killer—also Freddy Krueger—from the 1980s slasher films Nightmare on Elm Street.)

One point made by those commercials was that a name can be everything. (If you’d seen any of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, would you trust your children to a babysitter named Freddy Krueger?) That very question—What’s in a name?—and the answer—everything—can be equally important when you’re talking about dialer features.

We’re sometimes asked if IAT can do “blast messaging” or “broadcast messaging.” Yes, we can, but there’s a reason we call it Interactive Communications instead. And it’s not just because terms like blast messaging and broadcast messaging can have a negative connotation. IAT’s dialers can do much, much more than just make a phone call and play a recorded message (which is what blast messaging does). Our Interactive Communications (IC) features are designed to “interact” with the contacted person (hence the name!).

IC can identify that the correct person has been reached. Not only can IC identify the contact, but it waits for that person to come to the phone before transferring the call to an agent. If it’s an answering machine on the line, well, you may as well let the dialer leave the message and have your agents do something more productive—like talk to a person.

Beyond leaving a simple statement or two, IC can personalize the message by speaking things such as the name and balance. This capability is even more important in non-collections environments. IC can take payment information, which can be processed manually or automatically via online payment providers—freeing your agents from that task.

Of course, if you just want to leave a simple reminder message, IAT’s Interactive Communications can do it. We just wanted to make it obvious that IC can do more than that. Much, much more.

Blast Messaging? Bleh. Might as well just call us Freddy.

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This article was written by Dave S