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White paper reveals facts about dialing solutions

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IAT provides the facts about the ARM industry’s dialing technology options in a white paper, “Site-Premised vs. Cloud-Based: A Guide to Choosing the Right Dialer.”

“Many companies base their dialing solution choice on trends or misinformation,” said Ray Fowler, IAT Sales & Marketing Director. “Those same companies might later find their choice was too expensive or restrictive. It might lack the security control vital for their inventory requirements or be too much work for their limited IT staff to maintain. The result is often wasted employee and monetary resources. IAT wrote this white paper so collection managers and owners can make an informed choice.” 

The in depth paper addresses the factors collection managers and agency owners must consider when making an informed decision including

  • Scalability and control
  • Security management
  • Infrastructure
  • Cost

A Utah-based company, IAT SmartDial provides compliance capable cloud-based, site-premised and hybrid dialing solutions for ARM industry organizations of all sizes and varieties.

“IAT is uniquely impartial towards any dialing solution, and this unbiased white paper reflects that,” said Randy Cooper, IAT President/CEO. “We understand the best dialing solution is different for everyone, which is why we provide them all—cloud-based, site-premised and hybrid. IAT’s goal is to give each company a tailored solution, not one generic option.”

To get the facts and find out which solution is really the best for you, download this free white paper.

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