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LeBron Trains—Why don’t you?

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With March Madness nearly over, the 2012 – 2013 college basketball season is winding down. As one sport’s season ends another begins; now we have spring training for college football and Major League Baseball.

Being the best is something these athletes have worked at since they were old enough to Robe demoiselle d”honneur bustier pick up a bat, golf club, football, basketball or whatever. Let’s face it; people who participate in sports at the collegiate and professional levels really know how to play their chosen sport. They are the best at what they do. So after all those years of training, why is it that they still need “spring training” and countless practice sessions? Holy cow—can’t they get it right?

The answer

to that question is fairly obvious: To be the best at anything not only requires initial training, dedication and

practice, but that online casino same training, dedication and practice continued throughout their playing career. The same thing applies to business, including those who are in the collections industry.

For example, technology is constantly changing and improving. New software revisions are released
Ball Gown robes de mariée every day. Can your staff effectively use the improved technology to increase your collection rate? Do they receive the training necessary to use

that technology at its peak? If not, then what is the sense in making the investment at all?

IAT offers training to help

customers get the most out of their dialing technology investment. We will train your agents, dialer managers, staff or whoever you think would benefit. I guarantee there have been improvements to IAT’s products since your organization’s last training. Why not give your sales manager a call today and work out a customized training plan?

After all if LeBron James trains every day—shouldn’t https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com you?

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