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Hybrid—your all-in-one dialing solution

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Many companies use a site-premise dialer for everyday use and a cloud dialer for overflow or disaster recovery. As a result they often spend a lot of time and money managing two dialing systems—wouldn’t it be a lot simpler if you dealt with just one system?

You now have that option: a real-time on-site and cloud service dialing solution. IAT’s CT Center Hybrid is a smart and economical predictive dialer. You have the benefits of ownership and access to unlimited dialing resources when needed. Plus risk management resources for disaster recovery, too.

In IAT SmartDial’s Hybrid system, powerful features like dynamic resources sharing, blending and routing combine into a seamless system.

 Maximize all your dialing resources.  IAT’s predictive dialer technology uses Dynamic Resource Sharing, which means dialing resources are assigned where they are needed most based on average hit-rate, call length and many other factors. The amount of dialing lines is allocated automatically for your agents and campaigns—no manager input required. The result is superior pacing, maximized productivity and lower costs using fewer resources.

In addition, IAT’s real-time hybrid interface permits constant data sharing between the site-premised system and cloud service. This means managers are able to run the same list on both dialing solutions simultaneously without slowing down the dialers or duplicating calls.

Enjoy seamless inbound blending and routing. IAT’s Hybrid system prioritizes all inbound calls and adjusts the outbound dialing to compensate. With skills based routing, calls are transferred to the agents or groups best qualified to handle the call. If needed, calls can be transferred from the cloud to site-premised agents.

SmartDial’s Hybrid System is cost effective with minimal administration costs. Site-premised costs are significantly reduced and cloud dialing allows you unlimited resource flexibility. One system with two seamless dialing options—can’t get better than that! 


This article was written by Mark